Welcome to JITS for LIFE!

(Veteran Owned and Operated)

We all want to live better, more active lives.  Do the things we want to do, with the people we want to do them with.  This can be doing daily chores to hiking or traveling internationally. There are lots of things we want to do in life.

But… over time we get out of shape, get injured, or just lose interest in classic exercise and fitness. And… we drop out.

We want you to live the best life you can.  We want you to move as well as you can; for as long as you can.  We want you to feel confident in your life and to feel safe and secure as you pursue your life’s passions.

JITS for LIFE was specifically designed for  men and women 40 years old and better, and adults who don’t consider themselves athletic or have become out of shape and may feel limited by lack of past fitness, injuries, joint pain, and even bad past experiences.

And don’t forget the kids! Not all kids excel in combat sports or in the regimented atmosphere of some martial arts.  Jits for Life programs for kids offer great physical training while teaching kids self confidence, anti-bullying, problem solving, and how to perform under challenging conditions. Plus kids have FUN! because Jiu Jitsu is playful learning. 

Come on and find out how JITS for LIFE training can help you to Move Better; and Live Bette

Fitness - Strength & Cardio

Mobility -Primal Movement

Self Protection -Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Move Better!

Live Better!


Check regularly to find out what's up at your Jits for Life!

Sorry!! Due to changes in instructor availability summer June camps are cancelled.

We are looking to open up camps in late July or early August

Shield Maiden

Women’s Self Defense Jiu Jitsu

Saturday mornings 9:30-10:30 am

Yes… a class devoted to women wanting to learn Jiu Jitsu to help them be more prepared to protect themselves, their children, and loved ones.  Every Saturday morning so you can honestly learn how to protect those you love.  Ages 15 to as old as you might be.  

Jits for Life
HOME / AFTER  SCHOOL Jitsfit Programs

Register NOW for Winter – Spring 2024 Class spots available.  PEARL CBI provider. 

Complete Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Kids  ages 6- 12*  – 4:45-5:45 Tue/Thu

Adults – 6:00-7:00pm Mon/Tue/Thu

Jits Fit Foundations!

Wednesday and Friday 4:45-5:30pm

Practical fitness using TRX/Primal movement and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ground and partner drills.

Designed especially for older or less athletic people. Come join the fun!

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