Let's put it all together now!

In Jitsfit COMPLETE you’ll experience the highest level of  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu workout to help you reach your fitness, mobility and self protection goals.

Partner drills will push your cardio, and drilling non-competitive oriented Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with a training partner will further push your cardio while helping you become, stronger, and more agile.

Imagine all the fitness benefits of Jitsfit COMPLETE while learning the fun martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and becoming better prepared to defend yourself and love ones if needed!

  • 1 hour classes, 3X a week.
  • Complete IBJJF Belt Program
  • Advanced Jiu Jitsu warm-ups
  • Advanced Mobility
  • Advanced Fitness
  • Increased emphasis on self protection
  • Price Discounts on additional programs

What is Non-Competitive Jiu Jitsu?

It's all about where you focus!

JITS for LIFE focuses on:

Fitness Mobility Self Protection Drilling Escaping Attacker Control Fun

Competitive Jiu Jitsu focuses on:

Competition Winning Dominance Advanced Skills Sparing Submissions Athleticism Fun


All Jiu Jitsu is Awesome.  But not all Jiu Jitsu is awesome for everyone. You have choices.  Choose what is best for you!

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