Jits for Life Group Classes

Fitness and Mobility Courses

Jitsfit CORE

Jitsfit Core is appropriate for every level of fitness and training.  The focus is on:

Physical assessment and movement patterns while building an overall base of strength and cardio fitness.


Jitsfit Foundations increases exercise intensity and  introduces low contact Brazilian Jiu Jitsu partner drills into the workout to increase functional fitness gains while adding FUN and accountability to your training.

Jiu Jitsu /Self Protection Courses


Jitsfit Complete is designed for those who want to maximize their workout intensity while learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with a focus on fitness and self protection rather than as a sport.

This focus reduces your risk of training injury while providing you with the confidence that you can protect yourself with a proven approach to self protection.

Jitsfit SHIELD

Jitsfit SHIELD self protection courses and seminars focus entirely on practical, proven  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and personal protection techniques and  principles. 

You will learn to recognize phases of an attack, what to do in each, and most importantly, gain the skill required to help you survive a physical or sexual assault.

Jitsfit Home School Program

Jitsfit Home School the full range of Jits for Life Group training to the Home School and Private School parents and their children.  Children ages 6-14 (older with instructor permission) engage in a fun, fit, and confidence building program of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu designed specifically for the home school and private school child. 

Classes meet twice a week for one hour.  Each class contains fitness, mobility, and self defense/Jiu Jitsu training that will keep your kids active while learning important life skills that go beyond fitness and self defense.  Give your kids the gift of confidence that can change their lives today and into their future!

Jits for Life Personal Training / Private Lessons

Personal Training

Personal Training  allows our trainers to target your specific goals and needs.  Whether your goals are performance, image, or injury recovery we can help. 

Coach Don Saunders is our head Personal Training coach.  He is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Orthopedic Exercise specialist.  He will help design your training program with you.  He can also work with your physical therapist or other health care providers to provide you continued support after your physical therapy or other treatment plan is over. 

Private Jiu Jitsu / Self Protection Training

Your coach Don Saunders is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) black belt with a number of BJJ medals won from IBJJF and local tournaments.  His training in individual and institutional security adds to his BJJ expertise to provide you with an individualized and targeted training program.  You may also add up to 3 people to form a mini-group session of friends or family.


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