Schedule to Win

Day 6

Sometimes we (me!) approach things like fitness as something to fit in when we have time during the day. It’s sort of a flexible thing that we know we’ll get to, but we don’t necessarily plan for it.

You may find that while important, scheduling time for activity is not on your to do list.  But, if you don’t schedule it but instead let it happen when you find a moment, the moment may never come!

How may other things may be competing for your time?  For me it’s shopping, cleaning the car, taking care of kids, or even… I’m tired and just need a short break!

Don’t be distracted.  Think about your WHYs.  Then use your WHY to help you prioritize the time you need to engage in physical activity.  Take control and schedule your training so that when all the other demands for your time scream for attention, you’ll have a plan to keep moving forward!  And remember, you don’t have to do all the activities in one sitting!

You got this!

Week 2 Training Plan - Upper Body

Cardio Base

Cardio: 6 minutes total per block, 18 minutes total per day

Choose either: Walk/Hike OR Activity Blocks

Walk/Hike:  6 minutes 

  • Block 1: Flat surface, comfortable environment.  Stop when necessary.
  • Block 2: Mix of flat and hilly terrain. Stairs and ramps ok. Stop no more than 1 time for 30 seconds or less.
  • Block 3:  Incorporate more stairs, hills where possible.  Do not stop for full 6 minutes.

Training Blocks: 1 minute per activity using Block Intensity time per block.  Repeat 3 times. 

Strength Upper

Strenth:  4 minutes per block, 12 minutes total

Activity: 4 minutes  exercise total:  

  • 3 Minutes Lower Body
  • 1 Minute Core
  • Reps: 3-10 reps each side then repeat until time is met.
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Week 2: Cardio


  • Walk/Hike for 6 minutes per block:  


  • Train in Training block for 6 minutes.
  • Work based on block intensity work/rest seconds. e.g.  45/15,  50/10,  60/0
  • Repeat activities for a total of 6 minutes per block.
  • Activities can change per set. e.g standing jacks followed by toe touch. 
  • Intensity varies by block. Watch week 1 cardio block videos for examples. 
Walk or Hike

Walk / Hike 6 minutes

Block 1- Casual/ Flat Terrain

Block 2 - Flat / Gentle Rolling Terrain

Block 3 - Some steps/elevation

Training Blocks

Training Block 1

45/15 – 3 Sets per activity

45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest.

Step Skaters

Step Skaters

Standing Jack

Standing Jack

Training Block 2

50/10 – 3 sets per activity

50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.

Slow Karaoke

Slow Karaoke

Jumping Jack

Jumping Jacks

Training Block 3

50/10 – 3 Sets per activity

50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.

Karaoke Fast


Clap Jacks

Clap Jacks

Note: Some activity videos may have a moderate and low intensity option shown. Choose either option.

Week 2: Strength Upper / Core

  • 1 minute of core work.
  • 3 minutes of upper body activities.
  • 1  minute 15 seconds per activity followed by 15 second rest. Repeat once.
  • You can mix activities from different blocks if you prefer.

Training Block 1

wall pushup

Wall Pushup

Burpee Chair

Burpee with Chair

Side Crunch Chair


Training Block 2

Chair Pushup

Standing Bicep Curls

Wood Chopper with Weight


Training Block 3

Bent Over Row

Overhead Press

Kicks and Chops


Note: Some activity videos may have a moderate and low intensity option shown. Choose either option.