Let's Have Fun!

Day 28

For me, exercise is not really fun.  But… finding a hobby or activity that is physical I can enjoy while being active is fun!

I was in my early 50’s when I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  A very physical and, for me, fun activity.

(I’m on the bottom in this pic!)

 Remember non-training training is great for us humans.  What can you find that is fun and will keep you engaged while being physical?

Week 6 Training Plan - Upper Body

Cardio Base

Cardio: 6 minutes total per block, 18 minutes total per day

Choose either: Walk/Hike OR Activity Blocks

Walk/Hike:  6 minutes 

  • Block 1: Flat surface, comfortable environment.  Stop when necessary.
  • Block 2: Mix of flat and hilly terrain. Stairs and ramps ok. Stop no more than 1 time for 30 seconds or less.
  • Block 3:  Incorporate more stairs, hills where possible.  Do not stop for full 6 minutes.

Training Blocks: 1 minute per activity using Block Intensity time per block.  Repeat 3 times. 

Strength Upper

Strenth:  4 minutes per block, 12 minutes total

Activity: 4 minutes  exercise total:  

  • 3 Minutes Lower Body
  • 1 Minute Core
  • Reps: 3-10 reps each side then repeat until time is met.
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Week 6: Cardio


  • Walk/Hike for 6 minutes per block:  


  • Train in Training block for 6 minutes.
  • Work based on block intensity work/rest seconds. e.g.  45/15,  50/10,  60/0
  • Repeat activities for a total of 6 minutes per block.
  • Activities can change per set. e.g standing jacks followed by toe touch. 
  • Intensity varies by block. Watch week 1 cardio block videos for examples. 
Walk or Hike

Walk / Hike 6 minutes

Block 1- Casual/ Flat Terrain

Block 2 - Flat / Gentle Rolling Terrain

Block 3 - Some steps/elevation

Training Blocks

Training Block 1

45/15 – 3 Sets per activity

45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest.

Step Skaters

Step Skaters

Slow Karaoke

Slow Karaoke

Training Block 2

50/10 – 3 sets per activity

50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.

Crunch Twist

in out squat hop

In-out Squat Hop

Training Block 3

50/10 – 3 Sets per activity

50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.



Plus Jiggy Thang

Note: Some activity videos may have a moderate and low intensity option shown. Choose either option.

Week 6: Strength Upper / Core

  • 1 minute of core work.
  • 3 minutes of upper body activities.
  • 1  minute 15 seconds per activity followed by 15 second rest. Repeat once.
  • You can mix activities from different blocks if you prefer.

Training Block 1

pushup chair

Chair Pushup

Bicep Curls Seated

Side Crunch


Training Block 2

Bent Over Rows - LIght

Push ups

Reverse Crunch


Training Block 3

Chair Dips

Standing Flys

Mountain Climbers


Note: Some activity videos may have a moderate and low intensity option shown. Choose either option.