Fitness and Self Protection?

It’s important to remain as fit as we can as we age.  For lots of reasons.  As I’ve been considering all the various reasons to remain or get fit I came to the realization that perhaps one of the most fundamental of all reasons is rarely, if ever discussed.

 Being Fit Is The Foundation Of Self Protection!

One of my favorite movies is Zombieland.  Ok weird I know but still… it’s Zombieland. But as I was thinking about the relationship between fitness and self protection I realized that within the humor of the movie are great “rules” to help people survive bad situations. 

For instance: Rule 1:

Rule 1: Cardio. To escape a pursuing zombie you will need to out-run it, and this means being in good shape.

And don’t forget Rule 19: It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless it’s a sprint. Then run!

In many self defense or self protection training programs running away is almost always mentioned as a means of distancing from,  and escaping an attack.  Yet really; how far and how fast can you run?  Can you jump a fence or other obstacle to escape.  Do you have the cardio and the physical capability to truly run from danger.  Whether zombies, an assault, or a natural event like an earthquake or flood you will be more capable of escape and avoiding injury or even death if you have the physical capability to get yourself away from danger.

Sometimes you have to be strong.

Zombieland has this covered with Rule 15:

Rule 15: “Nothing says massive head trauma like a bowling ball — preferably 16 pounds. Don’t use a little pink one.”

Sometimes protecting yourself or others may require you to move physical objects or overcome heavier attackers. Picking up a chair to defend yourself or being able to pick up and carry an injured person may save their lives. 

You don’t have to have massive muscles.  You just have to have the strength required to pick up and move, or push, or carry things that you may need to in your daily life or to escape bad situations.

Another important component of being fit is being mobile, agile, and flexible.  Well of course Zombieland has some advice here as well.

Rule 18: Limber up.

We have to be able to move our bodies in all of the various planes of motion so we can jump over fences, twist our bodies, to hold ourselves, or to move through difficult places.

We need to be “limber” or agile even in activities of daily living.  Things like reaching for cleaning supplies or shopping and bending or reaching for groceries or maybe yard clippers to trim your bushes.

In self protection we may need to wrestle an assailant or jump over, or go under obstacles.  It’s not just about being strong or having the best cardio.

As you can see, our bodies were meant to move and, when there are zombies lurking about, you know you best be able to out maneuver them!

So while there are many health and wellness benefits you gain from being as fit as you can; there are also important reasons you and your loved ones would benefit from becoming more fit.  Among them, self-protection should be considered among the most important.

So, get moving, lifting, stretching, and ultimately playing and enjoying life.  If you do, then when adversity comes you’ll be ready for it!

Until next time:

Move Better!  Live Better!

Coach Don

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