Getting Started

Getting Started is Tough!

Have you ever wanted something? Something little; like even a cold drink while watching a movie?  Getting off the couch (or floor or chair) is required to go to the kitchen refridgerator for the cold drink.  But…. you have to get yourself up and change from that nice comfy seated position to beginning to move. 

Now, maybe during a commercial it’s easy; right?!  But what if in the sports game you’re watching the score is tied and your team has just the last 15 seconds in the game to score for the go ahead win.  Do you get up?

My point is, change, even easy changes like getting cold drink, involve making choices that have consequences.  Those consequences can be painful.  So you have to decide.  Is the pain and effort worth the goal?

Is it worth getting up and moving to get that cold drink in the last few seconds of the game with the potential loss of seeing the final play? You see; even that little change may be too much for the tradeoff. 

But what about more difficult change.  Change that you know has long term, important benefits for your body or mind but require you to sacrifice time, energy, money, and perhaps even physical pain today to get where you want to be.

Getting started is tough.  You have to make tradeoffs with the belief that you will enjoy the benefits at some point.

For me, making this blog took tons of time, mental anquish, and no small amount of fear to pull off.  No, it’s not perfect.  But, I ran the gauntlet of blogging tools and website builders with a dash of my own creativity and knowledge to arrive at this not so perfect post.  But it’s here.  I hope you’re reading it and can get motivated to make a change in your life that you’ve been putting off.  If so, then wow, I’ve reached my objective of helping you, and hopefully many others.

So get out there.  Make the changes you need to make and start moving down the path toward your dreams, goals, and needs.  It’ll be worth it.  

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