Jitsfit SHIELD

Personal Protection for Real Life

Yep that’s coach Don checking the mat out and getting a real Jits education 

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Jitsfit SHIELD personal protection is designed for “real world” situations in which you may need to defend yourself. Using the proven strategies of  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, students will begin to develop the skills, mental preparation and mindset to have confidence that they are better prepared to protect themselves under varying scenarios. 

After completing your first level of Shield Self Protection training you’re invited to join our regular scheduled Shield Open Mat sessions to further your skills and to train “live” under the supervision of a Shield Instructor.

JITS for LIFE approaches personal protection as a routine, daily component of being Jitsfit!

Your Path to Jitsfit SHIELD Self Protection


Introduction to
Personal Protection
FREE! 2 hour, interactive
training session!
  • Did we say FREE!
  • Hands On Trainng
  • No Experience Needed
  • Everyone Invited!
  • Learn Real Techniques

SHIELD Self Protection

Shield Intensive Self Protection Program
$ 199 Three Shield Levels to Meet Your Needs
  • 12-16 Hours of Self Protection Training Based on Level
  • Hands On Trainng
  • No Experience Needed
  • Classes for Men and Women.
  • Teen Only programs - Become college safe
  • Build Your Own Training Group
  • Training Programs for Clubs and Employer Groups
  • Private Training for Individual Needs and Situations


Shield Self Protection Continuing Education
$ 50 2 hour Intensive Shield Refresher
  • Keep Current
  • Hands On Trainng
  • Follows Intensive Shield Program
  • 2 Intensive Hours!
  • Come Often to Sharpen Skills
Stay Ready

Check out our Shield Maiden training details

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