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Welcome to Week 5

Create your own path!

It seems to me that in today’s fitness world you have 2 choices. Either jump in with highly athletic people and work your butt off or go it on your own by joining any number of national fitness chains or the Y etc. 

The problem is, at least how I see it, is that they all have an idealized idea of what you should be doing to look like the majority.  Those of us who are older, injured, overweight, uncoordinated, don’t like exercise are pretty much excluded.  

This week is about two things.  The first is find your own body as beautiful the way it is.  Recognize your own, individual features that make you, you and be proud of that. Second, find your own fitness path.  

Finding your own path may seem at odds with this program, but really this program was designed to allow you to do what you can, want, and aspire to do. This week I’ll offer some insights into finding your own path.  Then, take the time to explore the suggested training program activities, but be sure to explore the activity map, and even Youtube to find things you would like to do.  The key here is to engage in moderate physical activity for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. 

Good luck in your quest to find your best fitness plan. Have fun!

Coach Don

Video of the Week

The video this week introduces you to a fitness professional who is unlike  your expectations … but sets an amazing example of how we are all our own animal.

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Choose your training day

Daily Training Instructions


  • Start with a 2-3 minute light warmup if you feel like it.  The Block 1  activities are not too intense and you may find them to be good warm up options..
  • Complete the Cardio section followed by the Strength section.  Some people prefer doing strength first and that’s ok if you prefer it that way. 
  • Each Training Block is 10 minutes of activity.
  • The intensity of training increases from Block 1 to Block 3. 
  • Depending on your current fitness level, you may decide to complete a single 10 minute block today Or you may choose to complete  2 or 3 Training Block repetitions for 20 or 30 minutes of total activity.

Manage the Intensity

Breathing:       Monitor your breathing as a means of controlling your effort. 

  • Block 1: No difficulty talking.
  • Block 2: Minimal, but some effort required to talk.
  • Block 3: Can carry conversation with increase in breathing effort. 

 Perceived Difficulty:     

After completing the block, how difficult was it for you on a scale of 1-7. 

  •    1- Not at all hard,     
  • 7-extremely difficult.   

     We’d like to get to a point where you can keep your score between 3-5

Be sure to write your scores down in your training log book.

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