Meeting the World Health Organization's Physical Activity Guidelines - 1

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Hey... IT's WEEK 6!!

Hammer it Home!

This is it.  The last week.  The theme this week is to “Hammer It Home.”  Meaning, lean hard into your current commitment, make it yours, and look to the future.  Turn your newfound habit into a lifetime practice!

What is important this week is to:

1: Commit to 30 minutes a day, if at all possible.

2: Commit to continuing every day, every week, every month, every year.

3: Review your WHYs.  Freely modify them.  Add to them, delete them.  Revise the details. And use them to drive your continued fitness activities.

Now is a good time to look for more training.  Either continue with this program by increasing the intensity of your activities or look for new programs.  We will have a new WHO program that’s 15 minutes a day but at a high level of intensity. It will also move much more to floor-based activities and increased intensity in the cardio and strength activities.

Whatever you do; don’t stop!  Enjoy this week, and every week here-on-in.  I personally appreciate your commitment to improving your ability to move and your support of this program.


Coach Don

Video of the Week

This week is about thinking ahead.  Where to next.  I’ve included this video from a young woman who struggled with her size.  We are not focused on weight loss in this program, but for Iona, her goal was to be able to find clothing that fit her.  In that journey she found fitness and grew to make it a lifestyle, much like the video with Dan and Peggy.  

So, don’t worry about her goals and reward, instead learn from her about motivation and see her joy in her journey.  Grab onto it as you move into your next week, month, year(s).  

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Choose your training day

Daily Training Instructions


  • Start with a 2-3 minute light warmup if you feel like it.  The Block 1  activities are not too intense and you may find them to be good warm up options..
  • Complete the Cardio section followed by the Strength section.  Some people prefer doing strength first and that’s ok if you prefer it that way. 
  • Each Training Block is 10 minutes of activity.
  • The intensity of training increases from Block 1 to Block 3. 
  • Depending on your current fitness level, you may decide to complete a single 10 minute block today Or you may choose to complete  2 or 3 Training Block repetitions for 20 or 30 minutes of total activity.

Manage the Intensity

Breathing:       Monitor your breathing as a means of controlling your effort. 

  • Block 1: No difficulty talking.
  • Block 2: Minimal, but some effort required to talk.
  • Block 3: Can carry conversation with increase in breathing effort. 

 Perceived Difficulty:     

After completing the block, how difficult was it for you on a scale of 1-7. 

  •    1- Not at all hard,     
  • 7-extremely difficult.   

     We’d like to get to a point where you can keep your score between 3-5

Be sure to write your scores down in your training log book.

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